Linking Regional Businesses to International Markets

  • United is the only single operating Export packing facility within the Green Triangle.
  • The Packing facility is a clean efficient way to export products internationally.
  • Our aim is to assist companies which are currently supplying or looking to supply products for exporting or importing products into the Green Triangle region at a cost effective price.
  • United was formed by Directors with over 20 years combined experience in both National/International Export markets and Transport, Leading the industry in Performance Based Vehicles and Technology.

Providing an End to End Solution


Storage and Handling

  • 4900m2 facility with 2200m2 undercover storage
  • Consolidation of Materials for export


Container Packing Facility

  • Approved Establishment under the Australian Quarantine & Inspection Service (AQIS)
  • Container and commodity quarantine inspection
  • On site containerised fumigation
  • Container packing and unpacking on site



  • Triangle to the wharf using the new state of the art Super A- Double’s capable of carrying two 40’ containers
  • Transport via container vessel to most international container ports


Export Documentation

  • We can provide all documentation that is required for you to export your products to your customer
  • We can assist with managing payment (FX, LC,…) if required